Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Our print is all done!

So just a few things here.  The print completed and I came in early to take it off the print bed.  I have a few pro tips for this process.  First, take the glass print bed out of the machine and run it under water.  Try to tug on the print.  If it doesn't free itself you can chip away it with a plastic putty knife.  Make sure you use the plastic one.  We don't want to gouge the printer bed.  Once off immediately dry the entire glass (both on top and under).  Then place the it back in the printer so the next person can print.  Make sure it is flat and registered. This print took two hours and thirty minutes so the faster we can get back up and running the better!

I used a multi-tool to remove the support material.  My multi-tool had a knife which I used to scrape the part to remove the residuals.  I would recommend sandpaper afterwards.  The ABS is a little gooey and can gum up rotary tools if your RPMS are too high.  So if you use the flex shaft to clean things up....go slow.  

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