Monday, February 29, 2016

3D links are here!

01.pngAxis plane indicator
02.pngFree move origin
03.pngMenu ball
Move arrows
04.pngMove X
05.pngMove Y
06.pngMove Z
Rotation arcs
07.pngRotate X
08.pngRotate Y
09.pngRotate Z
Scale handles
10.pngScale X
11.pngScale Y
12.pngScale Z

Shift control click = Sub-select

Click,control drag = Extrude

Drag tap alt = Copy

Some tools that are great to know

Relocate the gumball
Snappy dragging
Align to Cplane
Align to World
Align to Object

Split face>Extrude


Find ten examples of contemporary jewelry/jewelers that utilize 3D printing in their work.  Specifically look for joints or flex points. Post them to your blog. 

Try to model some linkages.  Do screen shots or renders so we can all look at them together. Create an animation using the animation tool in Rhino (I will go over this today).  Upload your video to your blog. 

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